Patchworks quilts & Maternity coats

Getting used to my bump

 Getting used to my bumpI

I’m not sure when summer became autumn, but it feels very autumnal this evening. It’s not yet 8.30pm and I’m snuggled under my patchwork blanket about to settle for the night with a novel and mug of Horlicks [middle aged, you say …]. I quite like the freshness of the early mornings, the magical mist which hangs in the air as I drive to work … however, it does remind me that time is chuntering along rather quickly … time; time; time … time which slows down and speeds up at various points in life …. time which is measured in things ticked off a to-do list, in the cliched spoonfuls of coffee, birthday parties and chimes from the church clock. I find myself looking back and remembering how long school holidays used to seem, how being “grown up” seemed an eternity away [perhaps it still does!] – the magical season of childhood … and what a privilege it will be to introduce my own little baby to the world and all the exciting adventures and possibilities within it.

Today I won a maternity coat on eBay. This is very exciting, as I’m a little despondent at the dwindling choice of clothes I have to wear. It was also rather satisfying as I’d been watching it for a week. In other news, I made a chicken casserole for supper … and am trying desperately to fend off the household sniffles which have passed from Garry to Aby to me …. sneeze sneeze cough cough. The joys of house sharing.

I see my midwife on Wednesday morning. Last time I read an article on childbirth whilst in the waiting room. It wasn’t the best idea I’ve ever had … as I said to my midwife; the least I know the better … no birth plans, no ante-fucking-natal classes telling me how to breathe. I’ll just show up on the day, take the gas and air, and do as I’m told. Idealistic again? I’m sure I’ll give a graphic blog desciption after the event … but I figure this is one of the most natural process a female body goes through … I’ve seen women give birth on pavements in Calcutta … so I have faith in my vagina ….

And on that note, I should probably be quiet. Goodnight campers.






One thought on “Patchworks quilts & Maternity coats

  1. Hi vee my dearie.
    Yay that you’re blogging again! I’veWordPress followed you cus I’m a wp blog too. But I dunno if you’ve ever heard of bloglovin’? It’s a fab site if you like reading blogs. I’ve followed your blog on there as well and that’s where I’ll read it.
    I still think you’ll be having a girl. My crochet hook is poised ready for the news when it comes 🙂
    Happy growing!


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