Pretty Damned Fine

Perfect Saturday!

Perfect Saturday!

This is how my weekend began, boiled eggs and soldiers in bed with the Guardian, my Grand National mug, and radio 4. Granted, beforehand I’d had to throw on my parka over my pyjamas and brave the rain to walk to Tesco Express for bread … but it was totally worth it. Who needs a man to bring you breakfast in bed when you can make it yourself and get it right?! I imagine come the spring I won’t have time for such luxuries, so I will make the most of them!

Actually; the weekend began on Friday evening with a trip to the cinema to see “Gone Girl“. I haven’t read the book, so had no idea what to expect. Our little cinema in Kidderminster isn’t renowned for huge crowds, on occasion my mother and I have been the only ones in the theatre [okay, this was “Diana the movie” … enough said …] – but there were over 20 people there on Friday so expectations were great. It was a very well produced film; disconcerting, disturbing, confusing … I didn’t particularly like any of the characters; a film devoid of a hero/heroine … although I hope I never come into contact with  an “Amazing” Amy. I won’t spoil the plot for those of you waiting to see it …

The past week FLEW by; and [as I fondle the wooden bookcase beside me], dare I say how WELL I feel. Second trimester is pretty damned fine; energy levels roaring, sleeping well [or rather getting good at peeing in the dark and falling straight back to sleep afterwards!] – hair and skin better than it’s ever been. My only complaint is my bloody thighs – enormous things! I’ve been walking 4miles after work in the evenings in an attempt to reduce them … but I’d rather have chunky thighs than my head down the toilet puking. I did order a  maternity swimsuit from eBay. Be gone, big thighs! I’ll be jogging with the pram in the spring! Not long now until the 20 week scan and the “gender reveal” – very very exciting.

So far this morning [it’s 8.10am] I’ve written two letters to India, one to the Philippines, and one to America. I’ve ordered my Christmas cards and begun my Christmas shopping. Organised dot com. Am now half listening to Sunday Worship on Radio 4, Harvest songs blasting away … reminding me of cling filmed boxes of apples and tins from Harvest Festivals of old at school … We Plough the Fields indeed.

Pseudomonas 2013

Pseudomonas 2013

The coming week brings the first anniversary of my nasty pesky corneal ulcer of 2013 [here, have a photo!]. As I lay in a hospital bed with yellow goo pouring out of a very sore and poorly eye, I’d never have believed anyone who told me a year on I would be 5 months preggers and about to buy my very own flat. How times change, and what a crazy brilliant year 2014 has been so far. I may not have imagined still being in Kidderminster and pregnant outside of a relationship at 32 …. but this is the biggest adventure yet; and one I relish immensely … introducing my own little baby cupcake to the world of wonderful things.

If you do wear contact lenses though, do be careful!

Happy Sunday lovely people!



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