A bouncing baby BOY!

10409708_1657842577775507_7951167346722240270_nDo you have any thoughts on what gender the baby is?” asked the sonographer this afternoon …

I’ve thought it was a boy from the beginning” I said … suddenly a little nervous that I may be disappointed if I was wrong ….

You’re right” she replied! A bouncing baby boy!  I KNEW it! I knew from the very beginning! I’m so pleased my instinct served me well …

The scan was super; my Mum and cousin came along [plus the father; long story] – my cousin is going to be birthing partner, so it was lovely to have my family there and able to see such detail on the screen. Seriously, seeing that little heart pumping away, the tiny kidneys and fingers and toes … all just perfectly bouncing around inside me. Incredible! I did have to get up and eat a chocolate bar [under instruction!] to try and get baby boy to move …. what a perfect excuse to eat a Wispa Gold [haven’t had one of those in years!!]

So I’m feeling quite delighted this evening … and had a spot of Guinness to celebrate ….! I’m so glad to know what I’m having, and can’t wait to raid Baby Joules!

Now just the small matter of moving house and designing my cowboy themed nursery!


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