Week 22

New wintery pyjamas!

New wintery pyjamas!

Mr Bump has really grown this week; I was just lying in the bath realising I can’t see my ladybits anymore! The first discomforts of pregnancy hit over the past few days, mainly at night, when it’s getting hard to find a position to sleep in. My sleeping position of choice is face first into the pillow, on my front [much to the amusement of many room-mates in Calcutta dormitories over the years!]. Obviously this hasn’t been workable for a while now, so I tend to alternate between left and right, but the weight of Mr B makes it uncomfortable at times, and I awoke last night – ravenous – and in mild agony, at MIDNIGHT! This is what happens when one falls to sleep too early. I got up, made a bowl of crunchy nut cornflakes, a mug of Horlicks, and watched Scott & Bailey on the iPlayer until 2am. I finally got comfy, and really didn’t want to get up when my alarm was blaring the Jitterbug at 7am! I’m going to locate a maternity pillow which should help, and I have a new chair at work with no arms, to help the posture at my desk. I find it hurts at the top of my ribs under my boobies, a stretching type muscle thing, mainly on the right. Anyway, here’s hoping for a better night’s sleep … my mission is to stay awake until 10pm! This would be a real achievement this week. I think Mr B is on a growth spurt, as I’ve been rather STARVING …. and I’ve only been swimming once! Must try harder. Think of the thunder thighs.

In other news, Ludmila the Communist has returned from the car hospital all shiny. I treated her to her favourite cherry flavoured jelly bean air freshener tonight. I FINALLY sign contracts on Monday, so my move really IS imminent and I become a proper grown up person with a mortgage. It’s most exciting, but I will be glad when I’m settled … there seems an awful lot to do!

Sometimes I lie awake at night and think what a crazy year 2014 has been … had you told me this time last year where I’d be now, I’d never have believed you! Life has a funny way of working things out …

This post seems rather whiny and mundane; I’ll write something exciting over the weekend about tomorrow’s Halloween activities and hopefully report some good night’s sleep …. before that though, I may just need another bowl of crunchy nut cornflakes.


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