Keep Calm and Move House!

Tonight is the last night in my houseshare …. I’m sitting in bed looking at a rather empty room, awaiting the removal van early tomorrow morning. I took possession of my lovely flat last Friday, and this week has been busy getting new carpets laid, stripping wallpaper and suchlike. Actually, my Dad has done most of the graft whilst I’ve been at work … for which I’m eternally grateful, as DIY has never been my forte, preggers or not! I’m really looking forward to making it home for baby boy and I, and hope I manage to sleep tonight in anticipation of tomorrow’s adventures. I can’t believe I’m a pregnant home owner, writing budgets and talking knowledgeably about underlay and economy 7 boilers.

Proper grown up or what?

Baby boy must be excited about the move too, as he has been rather hyperactive the past few days. I feel more and more like a beached whale, but the new flat is next to a large park, so I have plans for brisk walks. My thighs are ridiculous. Ridiculous I tell you! Wibble wobble wibble wobble …

It is 9.36pm on a Friday and I’m about to fall fast asleep, for the last time in this bed. The bed in which my little chap was conceived … the houseshare which has provided much fun and laughter this year. Now for the next chapter … await the photos and tales of life at Wellington Court.


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