It’s the most wonderful time of the year ….

As you can see, baby boy continues to grow, as do my thighs. Tempus Fugit. Slow down, please, photo (53)world; there is still a lot to do before the whole birthing thing happens. Life has been racing along at a frantic pace, now snatching a few minutes in my lunch breakfast break to update my blog. My new home is coming along nicely, although I resorted to the sofa last night in an attempt to escape the gloss paint smell from newly painted doorframes – yuck, yuck yuck. Christmas shopping is completed and wrapped in red shiny paper, cards are posted … and I am mightily looking forward to the TWELVE days off I have over the festive period. I think during this dark time of year – driving to and from work in the dark every day – it’s┬ásuper to have some glittery sparkly things on the horizon. And food, can’t forget the food. FOOD. FOOD. Mmmmm. Baby boy makes me hungry! Today is Christmas jumper day at work, and a colleague had to bring her partner’s jumper in for me to wear as I couldn’t find one to stretch over the bump and fit my shoulders. I’m rocking the Christmas Pudding earrings though. Oh, I must add a tree pic from work!

Tree SelfieIt’s incredible to think this is my last Christmas as just me … my last Christmas without a baby/child/son to buy for and make it all magical for. I think back to the various Christmases over the years … how wonderful it is as a child; no stresses of buying presents and wrapping them, just write your letter to Santa, leave out the Brandy & carrot for Rudolph, and try and get some sleep on Christmas Eve. I remember waking my poor parents up from 4am, creeping down the stairs eager to see if Father Christmas had been!

I also think of the Christmases I’ve spent in India, volunteering with the Missionaries of Charity. I hope to introduce my son to Calcutta and the volunteer community at some point in the near future. Christmas would start on Christmas Eve with a volunteer Christmas play … followed by Midnight Mass, and a short sleep before a crazy morning serving food to the masses at Shishu Bhavan. It somehow embraced a different kind of Christmas spirit, and I am so glad to have experienced those memories.

This year will be a family Christmas chez-parents at Worthington Towers with the usual elderly lonely neighbour who I will ply with sherry before lunch. Boxing Day will be seeing the Hunt off at Hagley Hall with Monty …. and Point to Point at Chaddesley on 29th, and racing at Cheltenham on 1st January. Exciting indeed.

And now, I really must eat something!