Does my bump look big in this?

I admit, the past two weeks have been a little fraught … I realise I’ve been super lucky throughout this pregnancy avoiding the nausea and vomming, have had energy and no scary moments …. BUT, it has been a bit of a busy/stressful time – buying my first home, moving into it, decorating, dealing with an awkward ex whose family concludes I got preggers on purpose, Christmas, parental illness … working full time and getting everything ready for my little chap’s arrival [not to mention the pregnancy hormones flying around]. There have been moments when I’ve woken up in the middle of the night in sheer panic – so many things to do, so little time – and then there’s the matter of pushing baby out. It doesn’t help that bump has blossomed to the point of uncomfortable. Awkward ex is over 6ft … I’m 5ft 2′ … and I think baby boy has inherited his father’s height … because there seems very little space inside me. I love feeling him wriggle around, but I’ll love even more to have him in my arms … 6 weeks to go.

Does my bump look big in this?

Does my bump look big in this?

Yesterday my cousin and I went to a birthing class at the local hospital …. I haven’t quite been able to eradicate the image of a doll being shoved through a plastic pelvis; eye nearly taken out by flexible coccyx. Or the truthful answers about the number of fingers indicating a dilated cervix [I hope the midwife doesn’t have sausage-esque fingers], the amount of maternity pads I’ll need [I was genuinely shocked … red pyjamas all round I think], the expulsion of one’s placenta, and the liklihood that I’ll shit myself at some point during the whole process. Man up, woman …. we’ve been doing this for thousands of years; it’s natural, it’s what my body was designed to do. I am a strong, humorous woman. I can do this. I will put that chin on my chest and push. PUSH I tell you. 

That aside [keep breathing Vee, keep breathing] I am pleased to report that the nursery is now finished; the car seat in the car [turns out I didn’t have Isofix after all ….] I’m one week into training my two maternity cover ladies … and very much looking forward to my baby shower in a couple of weeks. Oh, and I booked a class of Pregnancy Reflexology for this week … which I will report back on in due course …


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