Showers, Cupcakes, Steak and the leakage of breastmilk

37 weeks

37 weeks

It has been a few weeks since I last posted; but seeing as I finished work for Maternity Leave on Wednesday, I’m now a lady of leisure and can happily blog away at 11.30am whilst snuggled with my Labrador! It is a lovely feeling to lie in bed reading a trashy novel at 8am rather than battle the morning traffic. That said, I was rather keen to experiment with my new mop and clean the bathroom and kitchen floors this morning [nesting, anyone?!] 3 weeks and counting …

I saw my lovely midwife yesterday and am relieved baby Freddie is in the right position for his birthday. I’m also intrigued by the current leakage of breastmilk, and commented to my midwife “wow, it’s really happening isn’t it“! Yes Verity, there is definitely a baby wriggling around in there, getting increasingly short of “womb”! Bring it on!

Baby Shower cupcakes and biscuits!

Baby Shower cupcakes and biscuits!

Since I last blogged, I had an overwhelmingly beautiful baby shower; I seemed to spend hours sitting on the settee opening the most wonderful presents …. it was fantastic to catch up with so many friends, and to know that 32 people can fit in my flat! I don’t think Freddie will need anything until he’s at least 6months old! I was so overwhelmed at the generosity, and the friends from university who travelled a long way, and my long suffering cousin/birthing partner Sarah, who spent a lot of time in the kitchen.

Baby shower! My lovely friend Helen, who I met on a flight to Calcutta!

Baby shower! My lovely friend Helen, who I met on a flight to Calcutta!

Mention also has to go to Laura – supermum of twin toddler boys and two older girls, who not only crocheted me a beautiful blanket and a horse [I may keep the horse for myself!] but baked millions of cupcakes and cookies, which looked splendid. Then there is Helen, who crocheted a Hungry Caterpillar outfit and a stripy teddy bear and a pom-pom blanket. I can’t wait to see little Fred wearing all these things and getting to know his personality.

The excitement continued with my leaving meal from work, and yet more flowers and balloons and baby things … and a scrumptious steak! We wondered just how many cows I’ve consumed since being preggers ….

So all in all, I’m ready for the big day … although trying not to think of dilating to the size of a bagel! I’m sure there will be time for more idle blogging before then!


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