Must not be one of those paranoid mums …

I’ve promised him his own egg next year!

 This morning I woke up and thought – I really must blog today … And then I spent an hour feeding Freddie whilst expressing boob-juice from other breast … Showered myself, bathed baby boy, changed baby boy, dressed us both, put a load of washing on, hurriedly cleaned the kitchen and emptied the bins, fed baby again (never got to drink the cup of tea waiting on the side …) – made the most of a sleepy Fredders to polish coffee table and sort out some papers … Then walked to the parentals house in the sunshine, where I’m now sitting on a lovely patio beside a Joules clad sleepy Fred, eagerly awaiting lunch. This is the first blog I’ve written on my iPhone … So I hope it works okay.

It has been a sunny memorable Easter, although a little more sleep would’ve been appreciated. Fred continues to charm me and to grow! He put on 11oz last week, so the breastmilk is doing its thing … I wanted to share some entertaining tales from the mother who didn’t want to be neurotic!

Firstly, midwives/health visitors/doctors, always ask how many dirty nappies you’re getting a day … So when I was concerned we’d only had 4 by 5pm (I’m very precise!) I began to panic slightly. I heard a few thunderous noises from Freds bottom and eagerly changed his nappy only to find it wet with a small poo. Until … No nappy on, he proceeded not only to wee in a fountain all over me, but also squirt dollops of yellow poo everywhere, looking at me saying “well momma, you were worried I hadn’t pooed”!!!!

Then there was the morning I took him to the GP worried he was chesty as he’d been snuffly all night like a little piglet. Needless to say he was fine and I’m probably noted down as one of those paranoid mothers! Although actually the GO was lovely and understood entirely. Until you’ve got this precious bundle you’re responsible for keeping alive, you don’t realise the worry!!! I worry he’s too hot, too cold, too red etc etc!! Suddenly all worries about yourself disappear and baby boy is the only priority.

Still leaking breastmilk … Went to visit a rather frumpy neighbour at the weekend because she wanted to see Fred. I had tried to feed him in good time to avoid any embarrassment on her part. Epic fail, not only did I have to get my boobs out over afternoon tea, I also dropped a breast pad on the carpet and forgot to do my blouse buttons up when we left … Whoops.

Then, during a night of exceptional wind on Freddie’s part (have now discovered Gripe Water!) I did the classic, put baby in car seat and drive around the ring road in your PJs … Beaten only last night by a trip to drive thru McDonald’s for a happy meal whilst Fred slept in the back …

Life is racing along so quickly and I am trying to savour every moment with this gorgeous boy … Who now wants more boob!!!


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