Sunshine and Sore Throats

Momma's little pirate

Momma’s little pirate

I’ve been meaning to blog for the past week, yet every evening when baby Freddie has gone to sleep and I settle beside him – I’m too exhausted to turn on the laptop never mind write anything verging on coherant! 9pm has become a late night, and 5am a perfectly respectable time to have my first coffee. Indeed, four hours sleep seems totally functionable! In fact, I had four hours sleep one night last week and was wide awake at 2am whilst Freddie was asleep, drinking milk and munching biscuits. My body clock is screwed. Must. Remember. To. Buy. Blackout. Blinds. For. Bedroom.

Baby boy had his second injections last week. The surgery we go to have a rather barbaric approach; I sit with Freddie on my lap [his back against my tummy] – whilst a nurse kneels either side and on the count of three both whack a needle in each thigh! I admit that whilst being anxious for Fred, I’m also terrified they’ll miss him and stab me!! Luckily his thighs are quite chubby now, so he didn’t cry as much as when he had his first set. However, just like after his first vaccinations – in the following days he picked up a throaty cough, gunky eyes and snuffles … which he shared with momma of course! We’ve had a lazy cuddly day today, and he seems much better this evening. My throat on the other hand, is agony … and I’m gutted that Strepsils don’t go with breastfeeding. There can be few things more painful – says the women who pushed a baby out of her foo with no pain relief!

Freddie is growing so quickly – he’s 14 weeks today, and he seems to get chunkier, longer, and more aware of things. He holds his rattle all by himself, sometimes managing to clonk himself on the head with it! Until the snuffles hit us, we’d had a lovely week with sunny meet ups and a very piratey Baby Sensory session. We love Baby Sensory – it is so relaxing and engaging …

I don’t feel that Freddie and I miss out because I’m a single parent; but I admit that sometimes it would be nice to have someone bring me a drink in bed [hot chocolate please!], or dare I say, tell me I’m doing a good job. I love being a mummy more than I’ve ever loved anything, and I’m quite good at being “alone” [only child syndrome] – but just occasionally a loving word or affirmation would be most welcome …


2 thoughts on “Sunshine and Sore Throats

  1. You KNOW how much we all admire you, Vee! You ARE doing a great job, and you know that! Any time you doubt it, glance at FB.

    Brilliant blog, brilliant momma (though I have to admit to smiling every time I see ‘Out popped Freddie from the mouth…’ :p )

    Love, Gill xxx


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