20 weeks of Freddie in the world

11140228_1794504550775975_5362779007137257739_nAs you, dear readers, will know – there is nothing I love more than being Freddie’s mummy. It is 20 weeks today since this little chap burst from my vagina. However, I should like to utter eight words:


This week we have both had colds, mine a rather niggly not terrible but bothersome summer snotty affair. Freddie’s is more the teething variety; red cheeks, dribble, and chomping on everything in sight. I even lost my voice. I’ve had poo, wee, sick and breastmilk on bedsheets, exploding nappies, neglected housework, and wake ups every two hours in the night. Yes, you read that correctly. Sleep, how I remember you … how I miss you. 4 hours straight would be considered a total luxury.

In fact, I ought not moan this evening … as after a day spent doing very little [aside from successfully keeping baby happy and alive], I tentatively tried once again to get Fredders into his cot instead of my bed. I usually feed him to sleep and then try to place him gently in the cot beside my bed. Normally upon touching the mattress he goes bright red and screams … but tonight, he remained asleep, and has been asleep for half an hour! It’s 8.03pm and I’m trying to hold out until 8.30pm before joining him. I love having him close in the night, but it has been hard to sleep as he has got more active, rolling around and generally pushing me out of bed. Bless him.

Motherhood, I have decided, is the best job in the world, yet also the hardest. I worry about this little fellow so much, I love him so much; even at 2.43am when he’s deep in conversation with me! He’s quite simply the best. Little did I know, 20 weeks ago as I gazed into his crib beside me in the post natal ward … how amazing and how tiring it would be.

Gosh, I have 20minutes before my self imposed bedtime, I could jolly well shave my legs! It has been a LONG time!


One thought on “20 weeks of Freddie in the world

  1. Love hearing about how you and Freddie are getting on, these blogs are going to make lovely reading for you both in the future please keep them and your lovely photos coming x


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