For those who love, time is eternity …

11880659_1806365959589834_1029143671870808077_nFor so many evenings I have intended to Blog and failed to do so. Sometimes I’m so tired by the time Fred’s asleep and the flat is clean, there isn’t the energy … other times there’s the Great British Bake Off to watch, or I’ll spend the precious 90minutes between baby falling to sleep and me joining him, painting my nails, drinking decaf tea, and humming twinkle twinkle to myself. My maternity leave continues to rattle past like a freight train; where do these beautiful days of mummyhood go to? This coming week it is a whole year since my 12 week scan, and therefore a whole year of this Blog. My little boy is growing so quickly, in the space of a week he sat up by himself, went into 9-12month clothes, I removed the baby insert from the pram, AND faced the pram to the world for the first time. We’ve begun weaning [wow, he loves his food] – and this beautiful photo happened …. no longer the teeny wrinkly head wobbly newborn who canon balled from my vagina 24 weeks ago today into the birthing pool.

Sometimes I look at him in absolute awe. He LIVED in my tummy, I mean … he actually GREW inside me. How incredible are we as a species … what a miracle it all is … and a mystery. I never quite appreciated how miraculous it all is, until Freddie popped out.

I still wish that I could hit pause, sometimes even rewind to those days when I sat in the rocking chair for hours feeding through cracked bleeding nipples [oh those harsh toe-curling early days of breastfeeding] – Freddie all sleepy and newborn. Yet now I feel like every day Fredders is learning something new. He holds his arms out when he wants me to pick him up – he returns cuddles, and lets me know when he’s not happy about something. He chuckles, and I’m sure he’ll be talking soon … just like his mother, a chatterbox [today he’s been really vocal “yagayayayayayayaaaa”] – he is such a joy; such a happy little boy … and I hope he always retains that sense of humour and cheekiness.

Tomorrow I’m taking him to the zoo for the first time; Twycross here we come … and then there’s our birthing partner’s wedding on 31st, which will soon be upon us!

Life is good. La Vie Est Always Belle.


One thought on “For those who love, time is eternity …

  1. Freddie is so lucky with you as his Mummy also having these blogs to read in later years ,keep blogging Verity , love reading them x


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