Tempus really does Fugit

Momma's big smiley boy at the Baby Sensory party this week

Momma’s big smiley boy at the Baby Sensory party this week

Timehop constantly reminds me what I was doing this time last year. For starters, I wasn’t living here – I was in my houseshare working 40hours a week in a transport office. I will never cease to be amazed at how much life has changed, and how becoming a mother changes you forevermore. I really didn’t have a clue what lay in store! I wonder what I will be writing this time next year … and how much my baby will have changed and grown. Sometimes I think he grows overnight, and when photos like the one I’m posting with this are taken, I’m amazed how much of a “little boy” he is rather than a baby. Next Thursday he will be exactly 6months old … his half birthday. Wow. Tempus really does Fugit.

I’m writing this at 19.23 sat in bed with a sleeping baby beside me. Last night wasn’t great; Freddie is teething and although I gave myself the luxury of watching the Bake Off live, and falling to sleep around 9pm dreaming of desserts, I was up feeding three times before midnight, and I lost count how many times after that. Poor little boy is suffering with the pesky gnashers, and he finds comfort feeding the best way to get back to sleep. Co sleeping is still working for us, but I admit that I was tired today …. Even 4hours sleep in a row would be good. Here’s hoping for tonight …

This morning we had a lovely play date at our flat with Freddies baby friends. It’s lovely to meet mummys and babies of similar ages. There is a real solidarity amongst sleep deprived doting mothers … a comfort in being able to talk about poo and sick …

On Monday my beautiful cousin gets married in the Cotswolds, and then September is upon us … which signals the end of the summer holidays and for me, the beginnings of autumn.

I may be tired this evening and long for some proper sleep, but as I sit here and cast my eyes upon my sleeping boy, I realise that even the sleepy moments need to be treasured. One day he won’t wake for me in the night, one day he won’t need feeding to get back to sleep … which is as it should be … but for now, I endeavour to cherish the 3am snuggles as he feeds.


2 thoughts on “Tempus really does Fugit

  1. So sweet.. I was crying in my car the other day because my son is going to be one in four months. I know I still have time before then, but I was like, “OH my gosh!! The first year of his life is almost over.”


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