We are the fortunate ones

I keep thinking that I ought to blog about the Syria/refugee crisis, because it’s important, and I don’t want you to think I only care about Freddie’s first time in a swing etc. It’s also important for him to see, if he reads these posts in years to come – that – to quote Band Aid, there’s a world outside your window. I admit that I’ve been a bit slack watching the news recently. 6 o’clock is no longer a quiet, watch the BBC whilst tucking into dinner and sipping a glass of Pinot, type of thing. It’s now cleaning up a messy replenished Freddie whilst watching CBeebies and getting ready for bath time. Chaotic. One morning we did catch the news before I switched over to the Clangers. Freddie was sat on my lap glued to the TV screen and the scenes from Budapest train station. I talk to Freddie all the time, as I believe babies understand more than we think they do …. I found myself telling him that all these people have had to run away from their homes and leave all their toys behind because there are some naughty people making it impossible to stay; how we have to be kind to them and help them find somewhere to live.

Simplistic perhaps – and I realise logistics are problematic, but that photo of a tiny, innocent, helpless little boy washed up on a Turkish beach was enough to convince me that it is a moral duty to do something, and a crime to turn ones back. I would always have found that photo abhorrent, but as a mother I found it heartbreaking. I held Freddie a little closer before bedtime that night; my little boy – just as that mother would’ve cradled her little boy, as all mothers do; wanting to keep them safe. One cannot imagine the agony of upping sticks and leaving all they know behind. We cannot fully grasp all that entails because we are the fortunate ones. My little Freddie is sleeping soundly beside me, warm, clean, with a full tummy; as all babies should.

I don’t have any answers about where to house the refugees or what we do about Syria …. but I think our leaders should do something, and should treat these people with humanity. I know how rough I feel when I haven’t had a good night’s sleep [hello baby!] – add to that the emotional trauma of leaving your homeland and being alone, in a foreign, cold country – with nothing. Just imagine that. Imagine the fear; the bravery; the desperation …


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