Because I’m a Mummy …

My darling little boy cut his first tooth today [hooray! It was a tough week for the little chap], and it’s a top one, closely followed by the other top one judging by his gums. Freddie won’t need to sing “All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth“, not this year, anyway. I was expecting bottom gnashers first. Now I just need to pray that my nipples don’t suffer as a result!

This is a rare moment for me, I have approximately 40minutes to blog uninterrupted. Freddie is spending a couple of hours with his Daddy and his family this afternoon; so in the past hour I’ve made our supper [sweet potato, carrot, pepper, broccoli and normal potato mash with cheese], an apple and plum puree for Fredders’ pudding; had a shower [without my usual panic that I can hear my boy crying!] and even put some moisturiser on – quel indulgence! Washing machine swirling around, and now it’s time for some lemon & mango squash and a Blog. It’s very strange, Freddie not being here. I always knew, embarking on a pregnancy as a single mother – that I wanted Fred to know his Dad and form a relationship with him … but I still worry about him when he’s not here. I always say to his Dad as he walks down the landing “look after him” – and I’ll probably still be saying that when he’s 14! Luckily Fred is proving to be a cheeky confident smiley boy, and I’m sure I have no reason to worry. I’ll try and enjoy this silent “me time” and treasure that cuddle when he arrives home.

Now, I think I’ll search for summer holidays next year …. Fredders and I fancy a bit of Cypriot sun!

… it really does seem strange without my baby ….


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