The boy keeps growing

Wow. That lone tooth turned into four in the space of a week … good work Freddo; and my nipples have survived to tell the tale. This has meant more sleepless nights, and one day in particular when I felt like I was jetlagged and hungover, minus the holiday memories. Sleep deprivation is a killer, but somehow we plough through it; and teething must be so painful for them. Last night I went to bed with Fred around 8pm, and we must’ve had a better night’s sleep as I was wide awake at 4am eating toast and drinking milk, whilst babykins was snoring horizontally in the bed. I’ve just got a Banana Loaf out of the oven, and when I’ve finished this Blog I will join Fred in the land of nod. I did manage to stay awake for the Bake Off final on Wedneday, and was very proud of myself [and Nadiya, of course].

Babies are so amazing. In the space of 7 months – YES, SEVEN months … my little boy has grown SO much. What wondrous little people they are. I feel like the past month has witnessed so many firsts – and I want to share these because one day I hope Fred will be reading this Blog and hearing about our journey together in this first year. Sometimes it makes me sad that he won’t remember all these fun things we’ve been doing … but I know that the experiences and love won’t be wasted. These 7 months have been brilliant, and I look forward to all the firsts yet to come [just wish time would slow down slightly].

So, Fred is very proud that he can clap his hands. In fact, one particularly sleepless night I had to say with a certain amount of exasperation “darling, 4am isn’t the time at which to show off your new clapping skills“! Meanie.

12096210_1827048214188275_8737899708897598967_nI found a super second hand smart trike, which you can see in this photo … Freddie has enjoyed so much our trips to the park on it. I think these are such a great invention, as when he gets older he’ll be able to pedal himself. There’s also a nifty little basket on the back where Momma can put her shopping.

You can’t see it very well on this photo because of the hat, but Fred’s hair is also growing VERY quickly! He lost all his dark newborn hair aside from a monk-like fringe at the back .. and now his “real” hair is growing, it’s all fluffy and strawberry blonde. His Dad is auburn, and I was born gingerish … so I think we could have the hint of a ginger ninja … It’s properly spiky. As a sales assistant said last week “it looks like hes been electrocuted!”

Food is going down well, and we’re now having 3 meals a day … mess, a glorious mess every meal time.

It’s incredible to think how different life was last year, and what a different person I was then. There’s some cliched quote doing the rounds about a mother being born when a child is born … and I think this is true. I love it with all my heart, but I’ve never silently worried so much … never given quite as much of myself to anything ever before. I want Freddie to be wrapped in a childhood of love and adventure, of friendships and fun, of laughter and security. Of course I question my parenting. In the early hours as I feed my boy, I realise this is one of the times when a partner would be useful – to chatter to about philosophies, and be supported or questioned in them. It’s like a daily examination of conscience; not wanting to let this little beautiful person down who has been entrusted to me …

Momma’s little Prince.


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