Hi de Hi


The boy’s first holiday

I’ve never been a holiday-camp type of person; the idea of imprisoned enforced merriment repulses me. However, as I’ve mused on several occasions since Freddie’s arrival – being a mother changes you, and suddenly the idea of a cheap weekend at Minehead Butlins seemed quite appealing. This is from the girl [am I still a “girl” at 33? Probably not] – who backpacked around India at 18 and travelled with chickens third class on the Calcutta Mail. Should we blame hormones? Then again, third class on the Calcutta Mail isn’t exactly suitable for a 7 month old baby. My mother had kindly offered [against her better judgement too, as she’s not a “holiday camp” person either, and we have been known to argue on occasion …] to accompany Fredders and I. Poor mother didn’t know what she was letting herself in for, as we were sharing a tiny “silver room” – which was a very early 1990s chalet, complete with one of those bulky square televisions and yellow and green swirly curtains. We’d opted for the twin option, and as Fred and I co sleep, we had to put both beds together. Mine had a dodgy mattress; looked like a rhino had been its previous inhabitant. Mother got the bedside table, and was entrusted with my glasses every evening.

Saturday morning, 5am – Fred’s bottom had exploded, and I had to ask for my glasses. First the poor woman handed me HER glasses [which made me think I’d gone totally blind overnight], and then handed me her watch, before finally retrieving mine, so the bum could be cleaned. Luckily we laughed.

Freddie had a super time; we walked by the sea, we went to the Butlins Panto “Aladdin Rocks”; he went on his first fairground ride [the carousel, where he was able to sit in the carriage with me], and he developed a penchant for watermelon at breakfast. He also cut his fifth tooth, so there was a late night trip for overpriced calpol, and much dribbling. Food was chucked in all directions at dinner, and I inevitably ended up sleeping in the gap between the mother’s bed and ours.

In short, it was memorable – and it didn’t rain. Freddie’s first holiday. To be fair to Butlins, the staff were very friendly; the place was clean, the food was good – and people genuinely seemed to enjoy themselves. I would go back, but not in high season as I can imagine it would be noisy and rammed with screaming excitable children.


Momma’s little poser

I feel like I’ve been a day behind this week; there was so much laundry! We were only away for three days! I’m still catching up with myself … and last night I actually went out; for the first time in 8 months. My cousin/birthing partner babysat, and Fredders was such a good boy. I on the other hand, need to learn to walk in high heels all over again … and had to stifle the yawns at 9pm. It’s now 18.54 and I’m already in PJs sat in bed next to le petit prince. Goodness knows what this extra hour will do to us on Sunday morning …


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