And a partridge in a pear tree …

12366394_1213641308652350_6165535256296263747_nThis has to be the photo of the festive season so far, Freddie looking quite amused as Ivy-Rose pinches his bottom at the breastfeeding group Christmas party today. Definitely one to keep for when they’re older.

The return to work wasn’t as traumatic as I’d feared. I’m now one day into my second week of working 16hours. Freddie has adapted so well, and I love the smiles when Momma comes home – makes it all worth it. Gradually we are getting used to our new morning routine, and the 4 hours goes really quickly. I even get to go to the loo in peace, and I can drink a hot cup of tea with two hands. Woohoo. Win win. The little chap has started power-crawling this week and pulling himself up against anything and everything. I’m hoping this newfound energy will assist the sleeping … we only had three wake ups last night which is pretty good for Fred.

12341060_1846561782236918_1186917190548258028_nI’m still unbelieving that it’s very nearly Christmas. How did this happen? Didn’t I just have a squishy newborn in my arms? I mourn the speed at which this year has gone, although I know I’ve treasured it all. I look back on posts from this time last year, and yearn for things to slow down a little [I know, I know, I always say that in my Blogs, BUT, this time last year I had a bump, now I have a little boy …] It is such a magical, exhausting experience, becoming a Mummy … and one for which no one can prepare you. I recently had a canvas made of a photo taken of Fred and I on the day he was born. It’s hung in my bedroom, and I often look at it as I’m getting Fred to sleep; one of those moments captured in time forever. I look at him sleeping beside me now, and he seems so big … such a developing character; a little charmer, a cheeky smile, a stubborn will [like his Momma] and a definite knowledge of what he wants.

It seems the first year is marked by these rites of passage, and today I sold our much loved and outgrown Jumperoo. This seems one of those rites of passage; and one which has created more space in the lounge for the impending Christmas presents.

20.27; time for this tired Momma to settle down next to her little Prince. We have another party on Thursday, Father Christmas on friday; a trip to see Santa on the steam train with his Daddy on Saturday, and another party on Monday. It’s all go in the life of a 9 and a bit month old in the run up to Christmas.


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