Crying, calpol, and one motherf****r of a molar

It has been a long time since I blogged; which is a reflection of the limited time available being a single mum to a crawling/climbing and ever mobile Freddie! The weeks are chugging by, and so many milestones are being reached … wonderful, poignant, exhausting … my little darling now pushes his walker along, and he gets very cross when I prevent him from ascending the bookcase.

12592760_1867382020154894_7023473956536735069_nShortly after my last entry I painted a mural in F’s nursery. I love a bit of paint, and it was really good fun to put together this design. I had of course hoped that making the nursery pretty, with new retro cot bed and chest of drawers, and play mat … would entice my son to actually sleep in it … but the little darling prefers sleeping in momma’s bed .. and momma is usually so tired by 7pm that momma lets him snuggle up. One day he will want to sleep in his own room, and one day he WILL sleep through the night … and I’ll probably miss him!

We are currently cutting one motherf****r of a molar. This has led to lots of crying and calpol, rosy cheeks and nasty nappies. Please God, let there be a break between this one and the next. Momma shouldn’t be drinking wine on a school night!

We have recently been to a lot of 1st birthday parties and Freddie’s party is all booked for


5th March 2015 – 5th Feb 2016

5th March … I can hardly believe I have an almost one year old. So much has happened, it has been SUCH an incredible year. A year of so much love and so little sleep … of resilience and determination, and laughter. I still look back fondly on this time last year, when I was enormous and already on maternity leave. Little did I know the adventures that lay ahead. It is such a privilege to watch this darling little boy develop his personality and character. He is of course, worth all the Estee Lauder concealer I’ve needed to purchase to hide the dark circles under my eyes …. 🙂

For now though, at 19.42 on a Monday, I’m enjoying a nice cup of tea ….


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