Nearly Golden Boobies!

This time last year I was enormous. I was reminded just how enormous I was by Timehop this morning. Freddie was definitely running out of womb, and I was in that wonderful waiting phase … looking wistfully at the moses basket, unbelieving my baby would soon fill it. How I ache to relive those times …

I live next door to a lovely large park … this park holds many memories for me. One of the earliest memories is walking back from town through this park with my Nan when I was about 6, stopping to sit on a bench and eat a Woolworths pick n mix. Last year when preggers I would regularly walk a few laps … in fact, it was on one such outing that I fell on my bottom on the ice on March 2nd last year … hurrying Freddie’s arrival. I walked laps of that park before going to the hospital in labour … I went on the blooming zip wire, and my cousin knew things were hotting up when I said “I don’t think I can do another circuit“! Freddie and I go to the park most days now, and this afternoon as I pushed him on his trike, I smiled at the crocus’ protruding through  the ground, in the same spots as this time last year … I remember stopping to admire them mid contraction by the tennis courts.

Had I blogged last week, or earier this, it would have been a depressing entry. Freddie was so poorly with his chest, which meant even less sleep than usual … and the mummy worries/guilt were off the scale. I then got the dreaded lurgy too, so it was a very sorry weekend with a lot of snot and a few tears. I think sleep deprivation can be absolute agony; and combined with poorliness, was not a good combination. I’m pleased to report that we’re both on the mend … and life has resumed it’s usual pace.

10176172_1881706565389106_7263003984439138840_nThis afternoon I took Fred to the barbers for the first time. I’m finally realising that my baby is no longer a baby! His hair was looking a little unkempt in his neck … and he really enjoyed sitting in the chair being pampered. Obviously I kept a lock for his memory box, along with the receipt … and when I put it in there earlier, was struck by how small his first outfit was …my baby Freddie …

I’m also awaiting shipment of Freddie’s 1st birthday 972194_1881710805388682_8806071762191897665_npresent; a toybox designed by the Traditional Toybox Company. It is just as I’d asked for … and I can’t wait for it to arrive .. although I’m still a little unbelieving that it has been a whole year since Fredders popped out of my vagina. I’ve been a mummy for nearly a year, and in breastfeeding terminology this is GOLDEN BOOBIES – not bad for someone who was going to give up after 3months!





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