Felicem diem natalem tibi

12806074_1885564448336651_5827885494200197355_nWhen my baby wakes up he will be 1. At 4.39am precisely he will have been in the world for a whole year [plus one day, with the leap year?] A year! A year! How did this happen? I could tell you in great detail what I was doing a year ago this evening … those industrious hours before Fredders propelled himself into the birthing pool, and life [not to mention my pelvic floor] was never the same again.

I had envisaged sitting here tonight with a glass or two12803243_1883578225201940_6949085619918444155_n of wine, reminiscing about the amazingness of March 5th 2015. As it is, I’m sitting in bed beside a sleeping Fred, drinking tea. Antibiotics for stubborn chest infection have left me rather off colour this week … but now I have regained a voice, I’m confident that tomorrow’s party will go off well. The wonderful toybox arrived and has already got Master Worthington-Phillips’ approval. His presents and balloons are waiting in the lounge …

I admit, I am a little emotional that as from tomorrow I won’t have  a baby anymore [although of course, he will always be my baby]. I have cherished every moment with this bundle of boy, but my God it has gone fast … it genuinely seems a few weeks ago that I pulled him, red faced and wailing, out of the water [with what looked and felt like half my vagina on his head] I look back amazed at how little I knew then … how motherhood has changed me, and enriched me. I look back and wonder what on earth I did [and why I never appreciated the leisurely weekends of selfish nothingness!] beforehand!

Fredders and I have done so much this year … we’ve met so many fantastic people, and carved out a little routine for ourselves. Yes, sometimes it’s tougher than tough; sometimes when we’ve both been poorly and running on 3hours sleep and need to be out of the flat by 8am – I want to curl up in my wardrobe with a pillow over my head and cry …. but you just get through it. Motherhood is fuelled by the toothy grins and chuckles which somehow make all the lack of sleep and shitty nappies 110% worthwhile … he grew in my tummy, and my boobies still feed him [go me, GOLDEN BOOBIES!] … this little person who now cruises around the lounge pushing his walker … my little boy, my son …

Not only Freddie’s first year, but my best year …



One thought on “Felicem diem natalem tibi

  1. Beautifully written as always ! You and your son Freddie have certainly done a lot in this year, look forward to many more blogs !


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