Beautiful Exhaustion

13241195_1925811830978579_1826961719327206205_nIt has been a glorious weekend … a sunny, party-filled weekend with lots of cake and ice cream, bouncy castles, messy play, pass the parcel [Freddie won it for the first time!] and a happy smiling little boy who looks so grown up with his new haircut. As I sit here, 19.11 on a Sunday … I am thoroughly exhausted, yet completely content. Yes, I’m worrying that my thighs are getting too wobbly [no correlation to the party food, surely?!], and making mental notes of the nearest Slimming World group; I’m pondering what meals to plan this week, and what to wear for work tomorrow … but I’m so bloody happy with my little corner of the world. This little boy continues to bring me so much joy … and not a day goes by without realising just how lucky I am to be his Mummy.

On Thursday when I dropped Fred at the childminders, he took TWO STEPS unaided; and Momma saw it before she went to work! He’s still not very steady on his feet, but we are close to a bipedal Fred! Another milestone … how much they learn in 14months … and how precious it all is …

And I think it’s about time I planned a Freddie tattoo … seeing as I have random philosophers tattoooed on my body, one day the boy will ask where he is! Any excuse to feel that wonderful tattoo-buzz!!





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