Two year old you

Dear Fred,

17156074_2103858033173957_1695764839204359995_nToday is your second birthday, and whilst you’re spending some time with Daddy, I wanted to write a Blog about 2 year old you.

It was wonderful watching you and your friends enjoy your birthday party yesterday; clambering around on the soft play, eating “choo choo cake”, singing songs and generally having lots of fun. The only thing missing was your Grandad, who helped Momma plan the party – and was looking forward to it very much. In the car on the way to the party as I told you all the people who would be there, you repeatedly asked for “Gandad,” and Momma had to explain once again that she too would love to see him, how it was very sad, but how I was sure if he could, he would be there in spirit. I’m writing this because whenever you’re reading this Blog, Freddie; you will probably have forgotten the wonderful memories and times you shared with your Grandad. But yesterday you asked for him, and I know he would’ve loved your party and been so proud of you. Yesterday was the first big event  without Grandad around, and Momma did need a couple of glasses of wine at the end of the day.

So, two year old Freddie….

LOVES…. Thomas the Tank Engine, Postman Pat DVDs [you’re already quite au fait with changing the DVDs yourself in the player], chocolate buttons, Weetabix for breakfast, collecting the eggs from the chickens, playing on momma’s phone, driving your mini car – especially reversing when you’re supposed to go forwards!; Percy cat – who you call Lala, singing “twinkle twinkle chocolate bar”, Tots Rock on fridays, morning and bedtime “boobie”, reading books on Momma’s lap, going down the big slide at the park, bathtime bubbles … Your favourite meal of the week is chicken curry; the hotter the better…

DISLIKES …cleaning your teeth, eating the eggs you like to collect, sitting in the buggy …



You are such a fun, cheeky little chap – forever making me laugh.It is incredible that you’re 2 already. I look back on the day you were born with such wonder and amazement, and always will. You rocked my world, little boy. Momma was pretty naive going into a pregnancy on her own, unsure what everything entailed. These have been the best two years of my life, and even in the present sadness, you keep me going and remind me of what’s important.

So bring on more adventures, little boy. You are so loved.

Momma xx



Le Petit Prince

Momma and her little Prince

Momma and her little Prince

When I was little, I spent a lot of time drawing my wedding dress. Now I’m 33 and a quarter with my beautiful baby [and no man] – it is debatable whether I’ll ever get to wear it. I think if I do find my Mr Big one day [not in a rush, my main man is Fredders], a beach wedding with close friends would be on the cards. My cousin’s wedding on Monday was beautifully planned, and the whole day was a reflection of their love. Sarah looked stunning in her dress, and the Cotswold setting was gorgeous, even in the Bank Holiday rain. My little Prince Freddie was a star, and chuckled/blew raspberries throughout the ceremony. My dress was from Seraphine, which is a company specialising in maternity/nursing wear. It was great having easy access to the boobs at all times! I also survived the day without being covered in baby sick. Result!

Momma's Prince Freddie

Momma’s Prince Freddie

The happy couple are now relaxing in Spain, and I’m sitting in bed eating some [more] chocolate wedding cake. Breastfeeding is my excuse – ravenous – always.

Today Freddie is 26 weeks old, and on Saturday 5th he will be exactly 6 months – half a year. Wow. This time 26 weeks ago I was on the Post Natal ward staring in disbelief into the crib beside me. I will never forget that feeling of utter awe and amazement. Actually, I look beside me now at a sleeping Freddie, and I’m still in awe! He’s teething at the moment and constantly  chewing/dribbling/gnawing. Every morning I check his little gums for any signs of a gnasher, but I suppose they have a long way to travel until they emerge. It seems so cruel!

Yesterday we had a lovely time swimming with Freddie’s baby friends Arthur and Ivy. Swimming tired Fredders out, and I think he’s still playing catch up from the night away … as he dropped off to sleep before the end of “In the night garden” tonight …

Oh … taking of CBeebies … is anyone else freaked out by Mr Tumble? He’s just a bit … wrong ….