Le Petit Prince

Momma and her little Prince

Momma and her little Prince

When I was little, I spent a lot of time drawing my wedding dress. Now I’m 33 and a quarter with my beautiful baby [and no man] – it is debatable whether I’ll ever get to wear it. I think if I do find my Mr Big one day [not in a rush, my main man is Fredders], a beach wedding with close friends would be on the cards. My cousin’s wedding on Monday was beautifully planned, and the whole day was a reflection of their love. Sarah looked stunning in her dress, and the Cotswold setting was gorgeous, even in the Bank Holiday rain. My little Prince Freddie was a star, and chuckled/blew raspberries throughout the ceremony. My dress was from Seraphine, which is a company specialising in maternity/nursing wear. It was great having easy access to the boobs at all times! I also survived the day without being covered in baby sick. Result!

Momma's Prince Freddie

Momma’s Prince Freddie

The happy couple are now relaxing in Spain, and I’m sitting in bed eating some [more] chocolate wedding cake. Breastfeeding is my excuse – ravenous – always.

Today Freddie is 26 weeks old, and on Saturday 5th he will be exactly 6 months – half a year. Wow. This time 26 weeks ago I was on the Post Natal ward staring in disbelief into the crib beside me. I will never forget that feeling of utter awe and amazement. Actually, I look beside me now at a sleeping Freddie, and I’m still in awe! He’s teething at the moment and constantly  chewing/dribbling/gnawing. Every morning I check his little gums for any signs of a gnasher, but I suppose they have a long way to travel until they emerge. It seems so cruel!

Yesterday we had a lovely time swimming with Freddie’s baby friends Arthur and Ivy. Swimming tired Fredders out, and I think he’s still playing catch up from the night away … as he dropped off to sleep before the end of “In the night garden” tonight …

Oh … taking of CBeebies … is anyone else freaked out by Mr Tumble? He’s just a bit … wrong ….


“Baby likes milk”

My nails are painted royal blue ready for tomorrow’s wedding … our overnight bag is packed, and Freddie is all bathed and asleep beside me. Auntie Sarah, who cut Freddie’s cord, is getting married; my little cousin is becoming Mrs Watson. I’m hoping my little darling boy manages more than an hour between feeds tonight. 6 month growth spurt? We have a Vtech toy cow thing which says [amongst other things] “Baby likes milk” – to which Freddie always chuckles. Yes, baby DOES like milk. If only one could detach ones breast and hand it to baby for the night … and feed via remote control …

11921645_1810398229186607_2346209743951213719_nWe seem to be on a rollercoaster of firsts at the moment, and yesterday Freddie went in a baby swing for the very first time. He loved it! I can see I have a future in playgrounds for a good few years. I took him to another park today, and his little face lit up as I held him in the swing and pushed him gently. We also fed the ducks our stale bread, much to Fred’s amusement as the Canada geese came sqwaking along the lake. It’s these little shared moments which continually melt my heart. Every day there is something new; and the joy on his little face is just beautiful. There is nothing more perfect than a baby’s chuckle … especially when it’s YOUR baby chuckling at you. Poor child thinks he has a crazy mother!

I’m hoping the next first will be a gnasher. Little chap is chomping and dribbling for England … Bonjela, we love you.

Oh, and MY first for tomorrow is wearing heels for the first time since before Freddie was born … needless to say there will be some flats in my handbag. I shall be a lady for the day, although I’m convinced my lovely blue dress will have splatters of baby sick on it before the ceremony has begun! I’m also rather looking forward to a bath in the hotel. We only have a shower in my flat, and the last bath I had was in the birthing pool 6 months ago …

Of course, I shall blog about it all when we get back.